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Grade Appeal Process

A. The student and/ or parent will meet with the teacher first to come to a resolution regarding a grade change request or grade dispute.

B. If no satisfaction from that meeting with the teacher, next step option is for the student and parent to meet with the teacher, counselor, and VP (please contact Mrs. Mendoza to schedule).

C. If no satisfaction from that meeting, then the student and parent would meet with Principal Kelly and the teacher. (Please contact Mrs. Millan to schedule).

D- Should no satisfaction come from the meeting with Principal Kelly, he will advise you of the next steps should you reach this point.

Note: The teacher(s) should have previously provided a copy of the syllabus to the student which outlines the grading policies.

If the student has a 504 or IEP, then the case manager/advisor should be present.
at the meeting(s).