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Take a Community College Class in High School

Signing up for a Dual Enrollment Class-

2 types of Dual Enrollment:

CCAP:   You can take a Dual Enrollment Class that is offered in partnership with San Juan Unified & American River College: There is a prescribed list of classes for each semester and this process must be done during course selection. (There is a separate list of classes for FALL & SPRING). These courses are online courses that are offered "asynchronous" but you will have a period on campus to work on this class and the class will take attendance.   These courses are taught by Community College Teachers who are teaching high school students only in the section.  These are free classes and the cost of books are covered by the school.  You will select these classes during course registration and fill paperwork out by specific date.

Non-CCAP:   If you DO NOT see a class on the list above or you want to take the class outside of the school day, , you can Dual Enroll with any of the Los Rios Colleges (ARC, Sac City, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake).


For non-CCAP classes (Classes NOT on campus at Rio), follow the steps below

Step 1:  Go to and select the “Academics” tab and then select “Search Class Schedule”.  Take note of the following

  1. The course name
  2. The Class LEC #
  3. The College it is offered at.
  4. The Day/Time

Step 2:  Print and fill out the Special Admit Form.  The student is responsible for filling out the entire form EXCEPT the Approval Signatures.  Counselors advise students to select more than one class day/time for their desired course in case they do not get into their first option.

Step 3:  Fill out the application for the community college of your choice.  A new application is required every semester a student is taking a course at the college.  Applications are found directly at the community college websites.  On the top right of the screen is a button that says “apply”.  Once you apply, you will be sent a STUDENT ID number that begins with a W.  This takes 24 hours.  Please wait for it to be sent and do not use the one that automatically generates after the application.  This goes on the top right of your application.

Step 3:  Drop the filled out form off in counseling for signature.  Your counselor will print out a copy of your unofficial transcript. 

Step 4:  Visit the Dual Enrollment website for the college you are intending to take the course at. 





Step 5:  Follow all directions given by the community college and check your community college portal on a regular basis.  Take note of the start time of the class.  It is solely the student’s responsibility to manage their community college class. 

Once a student enrolls in a community college class, the course grade will need to be placed on their Rio Americano transcript and will affect their GPA.




Forms & Requirements: Students must fill out and return to Los Rios Dual Enrollment Page